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clearInterval (r/t setInterval) not stopping loop

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I'm playing a video and while it is playing I'm using setInterval to search for a string every second. This is working perfectly. When I pause the video then I want the search loop to stop, but it's not stopping with the clearInterval command.


What am I doing wrong here? I'm stumped.




// ------------  PLAY PAUSE ------------  function playPause() {     if (vvid.paused)         {vvid.play(); 		var vInterval = setInterval(function() { findWord(); }, 1000);		findWord(jQuery('#findWord').val());        }    else         {        vvid.pause();        clearInterval(vInterval);        } }

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Whoops! Never mind. I thought I was getting it set as a global variable, but I wasn't. Just in case anyone is interested, the following works fine.

var nIntervId;function playPause() {     if (vvid.paused)         {vvid.play(); 		//timerOnOff(1);		startInterval();		findWord(jQuery('#findWord').val());        }    else         {        vvid.pause();        //timerOnOff(2);        stopInterval();        } }        function startInterval() {  nIntervId = setInterval(findWord, 500);} function stopInterval() {  clearInterval(nIntervId);}

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