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Here is my code:



<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <link rel='stylesheet' href='style.css'/><meta charset="utf-8"/><title>title</title><style></style><script>window.onerror = function(a, b, c, d){alert('Javascript Error:n'+a+'nURL: '+b+'nLine: '+c+'  Column: '+d);return true;}</script><script>'use strict';window.onload = init;function init() {var str = "<h3>Available Products:</h3>";for (var key in products){str += products[key].name +" $"+ products[key].price +"<br/>";}document.getElementById("products").innerHTML = str;}function add(item){cart.push(products[item]);var str = "<h3>Items in your cart:</h3>";for (var key in cart){  str += cart[key].name +" $"+ cart[key].price +"<br/>";}document.getElementById("cart").innerHTML = str;console.log(products[item]);};function item(name,price){    this.name = name;    this.price = price;};function add(item){var sum = 0;cart.push(products[item]);var str = "<h3>Items in your cart:</h3>";for (var key in cart){  str += cart[key].name +" $"+ cart[key].price +"<br/>";  sum += Number(cart[key].price);}   str += '<br/><b>Total = $' + sum.toFixed(2) +'</b>';document.getElementById("cart").innerHTML = str;console.log(products[item]);}var products = [];products["milk"] = new item("Milk",2.89)products["eggs"] = new item("Eggs",1.72)products["candybar"] = new item("Candy bar",0.87)products["soda"] = new item("Soda",1.99)products["water"] = new item("Water",1.29)products["cereal"] = new item("Cereal",1.87)products["donut"] = new item("Donut",1.09)products["chips"] = new item("Chips",1.99)products["magazine"] = new item("Magazine",2.79)products["nwspaper"] = new item("Newspaper",0.99)products["bagel"] = new item("Bagel",0.99)products["fruit"] = new item("Fruit",1.99)products["cgrtts"] = new item("Cigarettes",5.99)products["batteries"] = new item("Batteries",3.99)var cart = [];function buyItem() {    var buy = prompt("What item do you want to buy?").toLowerCase();    switch(buy){        case 'milk':add("milk");break;        case 'eggs':add("eggs");break;        case 'candy bar':add("candybar");break;        case 'soda':add("soda");break;        case 'water':add("water");break;        case 'cereal':add("cereal");break;        case 'donut':add("donut");break;        case 'chips':add("chips");break;        case 'magazine':add("magazine");break;        case 'newspaper':add("nwspaper");break;        case 'bagel':add("bagel");break;        case 'fruit':add("fruit");break;        case 'cigarettes':add("cgrtts");break;        case 'batteries':add("batteries");break;        default: alert("We do not sell that item!");           console.log("We do not sell that item!");    }}</script></head><body><div class="header">    <h3 style="font-family: corsiva; font-size: 25; color: indigo;">Cash Register<h3></div><div class="left">    <button style="font-family: corsiva; font-size:22;  border:2px solid black; border-radius: 100%;" onclick="buyItem()"><strong>What item do you want to buy?</strong></button><div class="right">        <div id="products">        </div>        <div id="cart">        </div></div><div class="footer">    <h5>Brooke Simmerman</h5></div></body></html>


What I would like is for the list of products to appear in two columns so that I have space for more items. With what I have now, some of the items continue vertically into the footer div. I would rather they continue in another column next to the first. How do I do this?

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I hope someone else gets you an answer that more directly answers your question, but I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this bit of wisdom from User Interfaces 101..."If your drop-down needs a scrollbar, you should probably use a listbox instead."Imagine trying to navigate a two-column drop-down on a touch screen and you might decide to change your strategy.

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I had a similar problem and the two biggest keys to fixing the column issue from me was putting the height and width along with the -columns # in the right locations... I have it working on the page I am using but when I load the page in the iframe of the main page... columns disappear.


Just learning html and css myself.

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