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Brief question concerning the HTML certification.


The study material they recommend (in order to succeed in this test), is to study the HTML Tutorial page. Is that the ONLY section that relates to that particular test? What i mean is that there are other sections (HTML Forms, HTML SVG, etc). I wasn't certain if the test will include those sections as well. Can someone help clear this up for me?


Also, what if you have no supervisor to watch over you. I'm by myself studying for these tests. Do we really need a supervisor to take these?


I appreciate your help in clarifying these two questions.


Thank you!


Ron Kane

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Assume that anything in the HTML section might be part of the test. You can take the HTML quiz to get an idea about the kinds of questions. I'm not sure what the policy is regarding test proctors, I believe you can email support@w3schools.com with questions about that.

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