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insert into table column from another table


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hey i have a big query that i insert with her data, now i want to insert to one column the value of another column from another table and to multiply this with some value i have, i try to do something like this:

INSERT INTO tbname (sal) VALUES (another_table.column * 5)

but the result is:

Unknown column 'employees.salary' in 'field list'


maybe its possible with insert into select, but i dont know how to combine this with other columns that i want to insert...


thanks for your help !

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yes, i read this , i know how to do a normal insert into select statement,

what i dont know is how i combine this with other values that i want to insert,

what i mean that only one column need to inserted from the other table, the rest column get values from the php script.

there is no example for this in the tutorial...

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You can use specific values in a select statement, you don't need to only select columns.

SELECT 'some text' AS `text_string`, 10 + 5 AS `fifteen` ...
You don't need to give the columns names if you're using the select in an insert query.
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sorry i dont understand,

first why you use AS?

second, for example i want to insert to my table to column 'a' the value 3, and to column 'b' the value of TABLE_2.SOME_COL , so i do like this ? :


if you understand what i mean, i want to insert some values that they are not from the selected table...

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