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how to make a print page?


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hey, i hope i'm in the right place , i dont know where to put this topic.

so my que is, I want to create web page for print, i search in google for this, and i found some tutorials that explain about css print file, that make your site shown (?) for print, i read about , this is not my que, i want to create a new page,

my que is how much width the page should be for print on A4 pages?

i search in google for A4 pages width and i found, but my que is because in any computer the resultion is diffrent , so if set the web page width to 800px for example , and in computer with small resultion its look more width that one with high resultion, the print page will still be the same?


EDIT: i found now this http://davidwalsh.name/optimizing-structure-print-css on google, he says that the page width need to be 600px, i think its to small? am i right?

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