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How to pass php variable to other file


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I am using drupal.




I have a function


function bartik_preprocess_print(&$vars, $hook) { // Global node. $node = $vars['node']; $vars['price'] = field_view_value('node', $node, 'field_price', $node->field_price[$node->language][0]);  $vars['vehicleOption1'] = field_view_value('node', $node, 'field_vehicle_option_1', $node->field_vehicle_option_1[$node->language][0]); }

in print.tpl.php,


I have


print render($test); print render($vehicleOption1);

But I am only getting the one value and it is the value of $vehicleOption1


Can you please help as for how I can values from the both variables?




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Sorry, I don't know how they are related. All I can template.tpl.php and print.tpl.php in two different directories.


If I just have one variable in template.tpl.php file as

 $vars['price'] = field_view_value('node', $node, 'field_price', $node->field_price[$node->language][0]); 

I can see the value by writing the below code in print.tpl.php file

print render($price); 

I just need to know how I can declare the 2nd variable in the template.tpl.php file?



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ok i'm using drupa 7 too

you must add a new $vars['test'] in the precess_print function


or maybe you can decalare any vaiables in template.php inside your_theme_preprocess_page function and call it in template/youtempate.tpl.php


that's the way that i use maybe you can find something better

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