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Disable button rollOver event flash mx 6.0


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I know Flash MX 6.0 is older than dirt but its what I use, im not a developer, im an artis/actor so please help if you can.


I have a button on one layer that when clicked will load an swf into an empty MC on the layer above it, everything works fine except that the button remains active under the MC.


How can I disable the button so that it doesn't trigger any of its events?





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Hey Man,


You rock, both are available to me in MX 6.0 and they worked like a charm; went with enabled,

on (release){this.colorsBtn.enabled = false;loadMovie("movies/colorsMC.swf", _root.mcHolder);}

That said, the reversal, having the colorsBtn re-enabled when I unLoadMovie (mcHolder) isn't working. I know it's a target issue but I can't figure it out.


The colorsBtn, along with three other buittons, is nested on the _root of an MC; btnsMC. I did it this way so they'd all be on the same layer and I could just simply fade the btnsMC in and out.


I then placed a button on the root of colorsMC.swf with the following AS

on (release) { unloadMovie(mcHolder);}

This works fine but, of course, the button "colorsBtn" retains the enabled = false so I added the following to the on (release) code:

_root.btnsMC.colorsBtn.enabled = true;

but that didn't work. I've tried various different combinations but nothing's working for me.


If colorsMC.swf takes on the properties of mcHolder shouldn't that work?




Please, a suggestion, a shove in the right direction ...





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I created a new file testONE.fla

I copied the btnsMC onto layer two.

created a new mcHolder mc and placed it above the btnsMC, layer one, just like in my original file.

all the AS is the same as in my original FLA

I tested the movie and then I published the movie and everything worked accordingly.

SO WHY ISN'T MY original not working?


Makes no sense, obviously something's wrong somewhere

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For those who may be following this thread and wondering; has this fool figured it out yet?


I removed the btnsMC from the timeline and simply used the colorsBtn, and the other three as well. So, no tweening, a straight jump from small btns to large btns, and used the following code:

on (release) {	_root.colorsBtn.enabled = true;	unloadMovie(mcHolder);}

and it worked. (??????)


So, I aks, why did the above code work but this one:

on (release) {	_root.btnsMC.colorsBtn.enabled = true;	unloadMovie(mcHolder);}

did not?


The only difference is that I removed the btnsMC where all four btns, colorsBtn being one of them, were placed? Some how by removing the btnsMC from the equation it all fell into place.


Of course I changed the code as well from "_root.btnsMC.colorsBtn.enabled = true;" to "_root.colorsBtn.enabled = true;" (minus the "")


I checked the spelling of all four of the btns instances, I even checked and confirmed the path for the btns and they all returned the same path


_root.btnsMC.(place name of btn here)


So, again I ask; what gives?


Any takers? I'm open for constructive criticism?







Okay, so .....


I mentioned tweening before. I had placed the btns into an MC, btnsMC, and then tweened that MC from a small MC to a large MC which would take up the whole stage.


So, just for the hech of it, I removed the tweening.


But, before I did that I added a Keyframe before and after the large frame, I then changed those two frames and the first and last frames of the tween to graphics instead of movieclips but left the center frame as a movieclip, same instance; btnsMC. And wouldn't you know it, yup, it worked.


I guess flash didn't like that the tween was a movieclip and that I was targeting it as well ???? I don't know, all I know is that by making the changes I did, it worked.







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