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counter = column + 1, dosent work


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hey, i have this query :

INSERT INTO recepts (for_who, dat, items, checks, cash, mam, sum_before, sum_after, recept_id) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,(recepts.recept_id + 1))

and i execute her, but the column recept_id dosent updated to +1, its always have value 1.

i have an update query with the same idea (column +1) and its work fine, i dont know why this query dosent work..

help please :fool:


the recept_id is not the id column


EDIT: I fix it with "INSET INTO SELECT", I think its not possible to do what i want in the first query , because the db dosent know which column to select from the all records...

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