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Is there a rule about <ol> tags that says the line of text can't be too long?


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  1. When two singular subjects are joined by 'and', the verb is plural. Exception: when two singular subjects are connected by and but present a single idea, the verb may be singular.
  2. When two singular subjects are connected by 'or', 'either...or', or 'neither...nor', the subject is singular.
  3. When two plural subjects are connected by 'or', 'either...or', or 'neither...nor', the verb is plural.
  4. The verb agrees with the nearer subject of a compound sentence which has both a singular and a plural word joined by 'or' or 'nor'.
  5. When the subject and the subjective complement (predicate adjectives, predicate nominatives that follow linking verbs and refer to the subject) are different in number, the verb agrees with the subject.


This looks good in Firefox and Chrome, (a., b., c., d., e.,) but in I.E. the list order is ( a., a., b., a., a. ) It seems if my line of text is too long for I.E. it can't handle the ordered listing.


Is there some way to fix this beside making my lines shorter?



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