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python math


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floor division is a mathematical division that rounds down to nearest integer.



89 / 45 gives 1.9777777777777779


meanwhile 89//45 gives 1 why not 2 ? 2 is the nearest integer to 1,97777777777777777779 and not 1 so normally it should give 2 not 1


98.45//56.54 gives 1.0 why not 1 ? why 1.0 I consider it as a mistake from the people who invented python as it must give 1 and not 1.0


for example 90/45 = 2.0 meanwhile 90//45 gives 2







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1,97 is between 1 and 2 and the nearest number to 1,97 is 2 so 1,97 when rounded to the nearest , it becomes 2 and not 1 . and 1,97 is rounded up not down because the last digit is greater than 5


What do you say about that?

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