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Setting an href in a stylesheet

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I'm making a <table> of politicians.


<th colspan="2">Name</th>


<td>List of Committes They Belong To


<li>Budget</li> <!- These will ->

<li>Finance</li> <!- be links ->




Something like that. Now, I want to make each committee name link to something that may change at some point - maybe, to start, it links to the Wiki about that committee, and maybe later I decide I'd rather link to the ".gov" instead. I'd like to avoid having to change every link in the HTML to do this. Is it possible to somehow use classes in the HTML and put the actual links in the CSS so I can make one change there to change all the instances of each link in the HTML? Did I explain that well enough?

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CSS changes only the appearance of the elements, nothing more. That is its purpose. You need to change the attributes in the HTML itself.


If you have a server-side language, you can make one menu and load it into all the pages.

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