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multiple lines of thumbnails


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I have a hopefully simple question and I think I kind of have an idea (jquery.galleryview.setup) where to do this but not sure how to do this.

I want to use this exact script and it works just the way I want it to except for 1 thing. I would like the filmstrip (thumbnails) to go down over 2 or 3 lines making for a much larger preview of the slides. hope this makes some sort of sense.


here is a link to the page as well as links to all the code.











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I'm looking at version 3 of that plugin, so hopefully the option is in your version also, but the default options contains this:

    filmstrip_style: 'scroll',    //STRING - type of filmstrip to use (scroll = display one line of frames, scroll filmstrip if necessary, showall = display multiple rows of frames if necessary)
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