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Need help creating a shortcode


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I'm using Wordpress and I need help to create a shortcode. I know nothing about php and how to create stuffs from scratch, but maybe someone can help me on this forum.


First of all, I'm using "Events" from Unyson. It allow me to have a calendar and to create events in it instantly, but I would like the event to appear out of the calendar too like :



EVENT NAME (click to show full event page)



Small description







Now it only allow me to have the event name in the calendar and no description. I would need to build a new section in the Wordpress editor to add a small description and a way to make it appear outside the calendar too.


My website is under construction : http://terra.nicolas-duclos.com/


Some informations : http://manual.unyson.io/en/latest/extension/events/index.html#content



What I have now


What I would like





EDIT : Already have a description thing in my editor : screenshot

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