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How do I concatenate address on one line?


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I would like to show address in one line. How do I do this? My code is only showing this:

<nc:StreetFullText>607 Main St W</nc:StreetFullText>

I know I need to add 'City', 'State', 'Zip' to the end of my line of code so that the City, State and Zip is added but I do not know how to do it.


Desired output

<nc:StreetFullText>607 Main St W, New York, DC 77777</nc:StreetFullText>

My xml

<EnumerationValue code="DC042015J"><AssociatedValue type="Street1"><Text>607 Main St W</Text></AssociatedValue><AssociatedValue type="City"><Text>New York</Text></AssociatedValue><AssociatedValue type="State"><Text>MN</Text></AssociatedValue><AssociatedValue type="Zip"><Text>77777</Text></AssociatedValue></EnumerationValue><EnumerationValue code="DC046015J">

Xslt code

<nc:StreetFullText><xsl:variable name="vCourtORI"><xsl:value-of select="/Integration/Case/Court/CourtNCIC"/></xsl:variable><xsl:value-of select="document(concat($gEnvPath,'SchemasCourtXMLSimpleTypesCourtLocationTextType.xml'))/SimpleTypeCompanion/EnumerationValue[@code=$vCourtORI]/AssociatedValue[@type='Street1']/Text"/></nc:StreetFullText>
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