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Select Object, Problem with remove() Method.


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hey all,

i have a problem with the remove() method, i will explain the all thing that i want to do...

i have the next HTML code:

Choose Category: <select class="form-control" name="cid" id="cid" onchange="showSubCat(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);">	<option value="4">Category one</option>	<option value="8">Category two</option></select>Sub Category: <select class="form-control" name="sid" id="sid"></select>

now, i want when user select Category (First Select Element) I will update the second select (Sub Category) by an array, i have this array:

var scats = [];scats[4] = [];scats[4][0] = ['one', 7];scats[4][1] = ['two', 8];scats[4][2] = ['three', 12];scats[4][3] = ['four 2', 13];scats[8] = [];scats[8][0] = ['one', 11];

and when user select Main Category, the next function run:

function showSubCat (cId) {	var option, sCatSelect = document.getElementById('sid');	var i, len = sCatSelect.options.length;	for (i = 0; i < len; i++) {		sCatSelect.options.remove(i);	}	len = scats[cId].length;	for (i = 0; i < len; i++) {		option = document.createElement("option");		option.text = scats[cId][i][0];		option.value = scats[cId][i][1];		sCatSelect.add(option , i);	}} 

so, the data is update good, but when i choose first time the first option (in the first select element), and after that the second option, its not remove the all options, always stay 2 from the first choose, what is my problem?

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The problem is that when you remove an option, options.length changes, and the indices also change.


Here's your option list:


0. Option 1 <- i = 0

1. Option 2

2. Option 3

3. Option 4


After the first iteration:


0. Option 2

1. Option 3 <- i = 1

2. Option 4


After the second iteration:


0. Option 2

1. Option 4

<- i = 2


What you can do to solve it is this:

while(sCatSelect.options.length) {    sCatSelect.options.remove(0);}
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