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Join three tables?


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Hey guys. I'm relearning Joins (I'm trying to finally delve deeper into this section for obvious reasons), and wondering if I can join three tables together, and how. W3schools goes over Joins very well, but never covers anything of this matter. Here's a small sample of what my database would look like.



id - username - pic

1 - User1234 - pic.jpg

2 - User4321 - pict.jpg

3 - Usernam1 - p1ct.jpg



id - name - url

1 - webna - webna.c

2 - webur - webur.c

3 - websi - websi.t



id - user_id - website_id

1 - 1 - 2

2 - 3 - 2

3 - 3 - 2


Pretty much I'd want to pull from the tickets table. I want to include...

tickets.id, usernames.username, usernames.pic, websites.name, websites.url


But not really sure where to go from here. Currently when a ticket is created, I have it store the user id, website name, and website url, to only have to join one file. This leads to redundancy and possible inconsistencies




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You can join as many tables as you'd like. When you join tables you build a new temporary table in memory, so you can keep joining more tables to that temporary table as long as you have enough memory to hold the joined result. In order to make that faster and more efficient you should specify the join conditions when you do the join using ON.

SELECT tickets.id, usernames.username, usernames.pic, websites.name, websites.urlFROM ticketsJOIN usernames ON tickets.user_id = usernames.idJOIN websites ON tickets.website_id = websites.id
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