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hello all,

Recently i created a fuction auto incriment of no. in html pages but there is a problem in this when the html page load again the counting start with its origin the fuction is: <script type="text/javascript">var number = 1;function increment(){ number++; showNumber(number); number = number;}function showNumber(num){ document.getElementById("displayDiv").innerHTML = num;}window.onload = function(){ setInterval("increment()", 1000); showNumber(number);}</script> <div id="displayDiv"></div>

where is the problem? why it cant start from its last updated value

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Javascript doesn't have memory. Everything resets when you reload the page. You can store the value in a cookie or in localstorage if you want it to be remembered in the future.


Cookies and localstorge will remember the number for an individual user, but if you want the number to be global to the website, you will need a server-side language. Javascript can't do it.

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