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Refresh and location.reload(true) images

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I have a weather station which uploads jpg images to my web site each 5 minutes.

I need to refresh my web page to show these images.

Last year the refresh instruction in html used to work fairly well on PC but not on Apple.

This year the page updates but not the images.


See www.lanzcam.com/windsurfing/weather6.html for a simplified example

I would prefer an automatic reload but even a reload button does not reload images








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It sounds like a cache problem. What I would do is to only update the image and not the whole page.


Access the image element and change its src attribute. You can force it to reload the image from the server by appending a query string to the URL:

imageElement.src = "http://www.lanzcam.com/windsurfing/vws295.jpg?v=" + Math.random();

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