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Have just got a new web designing tool ( Coda). This is because with my old tool , i couldn't do anything really fancy with my images.

I am quite good at html and the basic css , but when it comes to the complicated stuff , i do get a bit stuck(especially with the css).

What i am after doing is trying out things like making my images rotate or fade into another one etc.

I am okay with the html , but I'm getting confused as to where i add the css text on the style sheet.

Also i would like to know if it works with any image or does it have to be a certain size.

Am trying to find the info on the W3 website , but to no avail.


Any solutions please.


Thank you



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In general you can add more rules anywhere in the style sheet, just make sure it's syntactically correct (don't put one rule inside another one, for example). CSS doesn't make restrictions on things like image size.

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I didn't know about Coda, This is my first time I heard like that. Mainly I'm newbie in Web Designing. Many thanks for this information.

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