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When I add a new column in MYSQL in phpmyadmin a new row is created (i guess its called a row)


for example: if i first did this query with a php script.


$sql = "INSERT INTO MyGuests (firstname, lastname, email)VALUES ('John', 'Doe', 'john@example.com')";


And later I go to phpmyadmin and add in MyGuests (telephonenumber) and VALUE this with 12345678

then this is done in a new row.


I would rather have this all in one row. Can you maximize the number of rows and still add columns.

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I dont see it. I see no possibility to add values on the same record in phpmyadmin. Even if I delete the last record and make a new one then another record is added.


with INSERT INTO you can also add another column and value, is there a way to add a record number and in what way?

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IF you have a saved record the browse tab becomes available to select, on selection you will see first 20 or so records created showing values.The first 4 columns should show checkbox, edit icon and link (icon shows paper with pencil), copy icon + link, delete icon + link.Adding a new column should be listed with default value or empty, depending how you set it up.You should be able to click 'edit' of specific record to enter/change value of the new column you just created, you then click save and you are returned to browse page with value showing in that record.To update record, by using SQL You would first identify the record in question, using a unique id assigned to that record, and select the fields/columns you wizh to update and the values for those fields/columns except the id as it is created automatically and only used to reference that specific record.

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