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Calling an executable file from ASP.NET


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I'm developing my site with ASP.NET with the use of Web Matrix/Notepad. I'm using VB syntax. We would like to call an executable file on a webpage for an on-the-fly photo.Basically, we have photo paths stored in our DB table, and the actual photos are stored outside of a database. We currently have an executable job that optimizes the photo, and adds a label before it's viewed by the user. This is currently all done in ASP statically.But we'd like to create a function that will do the following:1) Pull the path from the DB2) Save that photo to a temp folder3) Run an executable file against that photo4) Display the optimized photo for the user onlineWe have everything set up except for the calling of the executable file. So how can I call an executable file from a function within ASP.NET? And how could I then call that function from the actual web page display? Any and all help would be great. Thanks.

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