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I am creating a script where people can create a tour like Bootstrap tour without editing their website code. The code will be generate on my website and they just have to add a link on their website for the tour to work.The problem i am having is when the person website have the same for example

  div.page-container.page-header-fixed > div.page-footer > div.page-footer-wrap.bg-dark-gray > div.page-footer-holder.page-footer-holder-main > div.row > div.col-md-3 > h3

it will place the **tour pop up** on all items with the same structures like above code is their a way of telling the script what structures to apply to code to like maybewhat line the code onwhere on the page the structures is like **above x below y right side of z on the left side of f**or by what is contains inside of the divso that it won't show the tour on the wrong item

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No it shouldn't, their css would follow their css rules, your css and html with reference to specific class would only affect your css rules, it would only possibly affect their site only if they used your specific class which is highly unlikely.

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Sorry think I didn't say it clear Step one person enter their url step two person website load in a iframe step three the person click on the element they want to add the tour on Step four a pop up shows for you to enter the data you want to show in that tour Problem if the person website elements have the same structure like div > menu > h1 and all the other elements in the menu is the same it will select all of them. But in side the elements div > menu > h1 could have text "home" and the other could be "about us" or anything even image video etc depending on what they choose to add the tour on

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