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Hi everyone.
I am starting using HTML and CSS languages. I am using this in an application for a machine.
I use a Siemens PLC where it's possible to create a Web Page to show information about the machine. I could do a lot of things till now, but I have a new problem:
There is a list of possible alarms that can occur in the machine. When any of these alarms happens, is necessary to show in this web page. Each alarm sets a different bit of a Double Word (DWord) of the PLC. So. I have a DWord with hexdecimal values.
My question is: How do I program this web page to recognize each bit and show the correct alarm text in the page?
It's possible to occur more than one alarm at a time. So, it's possible to have more than one bit at a time, and the page have to recognize all the active alarms and show the correct texts.
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