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How many licenses are there online WITH html code?

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Quick question. Might seem silly. But i have always been wondering, does anyone in here knows how many "License HTML" there is online? Like Copyright, Trademark, etc? And with HTML coding for it? I know about those 2 mentioned. Any other Oo? :P


Thanks in advance! :)

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Sorry for the late answer, in Spain right now on my second week hehe... GOTTA LOVE VACATION! :P


Anyways, yeah. I was referring to the HTML entities, my bad... i always confuce those up with the real words -.-'

Any ideas Oo?

I only know about like 1-2-3... given/taken :P


Thanks in advance! :P

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Thanks! Sorry for late reply, just got back from spain ^^

Will check the html entities later! :P

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