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Controlling <td> attributes with css and ssi

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25 book chapters, with a common nav table in ssi that sets a 1-px border for <td>. Everything works. Now I want a timeline table without borders, (or border: 0px;) below the nav table. Seems trivial; the first 75 'obvious' approaches have not worked. I get borders everywhere or nowhere. It is inelegant to write <td class="no-border"> for each entry in the borderless table (500 times). Surely there's a better way? See the 2 misbehaving tables athttp://electromontis.net/evoligion/_G/Tim.shtml#Ti and, e.g., PALEOLITHIC. The first wants borders, the second does not. What have I overlooked?

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If you have two different tables and you want them styled differently, give the <table> element a class attribute and use descendent selector to target the <td> elements within them.

<table class="table1"><table class="table2">.table1 td {  border: 1px solid black;}
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