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SQL Apps for Mac OS


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I'm about to embark on a big project(in my world its big) that will require sql building and modifying. In the past I've used only simple configurations and no tools were necessary or desired. However, with my upcoming project I am thinking of a sql developer tool to aid in building and modifying my databases.


In the Apple App store for OSx there are dozens of tools, but I have no clue about any of them. I will be building at least three interconnected databases that are complicated with my experience, so, having an aid would be a help.


I'm not sure the TOS here will allow me to post a screen grab on my app store list, but if you have a Mac you can easily see what is available for developers.


If anyone has used any of the tools or has a suggestion I would appreciate it. Some are expensive, and some not so expensive, but I would like to get it right from the beginning.



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