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z-1 text left margin set by z-0 element


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I create a z-1 box on hover for footnotes and references, with:


/* Hover to display Reference or Note in popup box */
a.n:hover span {
position : relative ;
top ; 30 px ;
right : 10px ; /* Keep right edge of box on screen */
display : block ;
z-index : 1
width : 95% ;
color : black ;
text-decoration : none ;
font-size : 0.90em ;
text-indent : 0 ;
text-align : left ;
background : #fcfaff ;
outline : 2px solid blue ;
padding : 3px ;
This has been working for several years; suddenly it crowds the text to the right of the right edge of anything below the hovering box. See the effect at http://electromontis.net/evoligion/_B/B05.shtml#F5.1 when you hover on the blue text in the figure caption--at least in Safari and Firefox. (I have changed many other presumably unrelated things, but not this css code.)
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