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Well yes! it would be the same, you probably don't have this image to show, and you probably don't have your image at same location as the page you are viewing it from either, ideally you have to use a relative path from the page you are attempting to view it from, if the image is in a different location. Telling us 'my images and links don't work' does not give us any idea on how your files are linked to through src or href, or how the your set up the location of these files? as in images in images folder or if you using local server or NOT! without more details, we can go round and round pointing out possible solutions, when all it was is a incorrect path to specific file, because you thought just using the filename 'smiley.gif' it would magically find this image and show it! but it does not work like that, we are not in 'Hogwarts' we are Muggles we work in the real world. :-)

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