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Definition list <dl> elements on same on line?


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Is there a way to force <dd> to start on the same line as <dt>? I'm making a Timeline; <table> works but causes a tag stew with classes on each <td>. All I want is a format like:


1861 Changes in CO2 might cause climate change.
1896 Arrhenius outlines effects of anthropogenic CO2.
1936 Callendar: doubling CO2 will raise temperature 2°C.
1972 Sawyer: by 2000, CO2 will increase by 25%, and
temperature by 0.6°C.
2014 Hansen: a legal case can be made for children to
sue the government ....


but it seems to be awkward to arrange in HTML!

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you could try giving the dd and dt a style property of display:inline-block; though you might then need a <br /> to break the lines.


If you are using a table, you could simulat that without the table by styling them with display: table-cell

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<style scoped>
dd, dt{ display: inline-block;float: left; }
dt {clear: left; width: 110px; margin-right: 12px; text-align: right;}
worked for short lines, but as predicted, one needs <br> for multi-line <dd>s, and this fails
when the page width changes. Also, I find zebra-striping useful here, and nth-child doesn't work on
<dl>s. So: back to borderless tables.
Sorry about the duplicate posting. Accidental.
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