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Creating a blog

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Hello, everyone.


I've been learning some things at Codecademy and I decided I should start using those things I learned, so I could get more practice, not forget it, and learn new things I wouldn't be able to learn there.


So, for my first project, I decided to create a fan site (I'm not actually gonna use it, it's just for practice), and I did it using Bootstrap. For that reason, I was wandering in the W3 website, checking all the things I could do, until I found this http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_pagination.asp


I thought it would be helpful because I wanted the fan site to be kinda like a blog. If the artist had a concert yesterday I would post an article with the set list and some videos, the next day I would post an article with the photos from the photoshoot they had done the previous week, etc., and it would appear in the homepage by publication date, just like in a blog. Yet, that page only shows how to add the pagination, and not how to actually do what I wanted.


So I came to the forum and I saw this topic http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=12446 saying it isn't possible to create a blog in HTML. I tried to google it, but it only returned me to sites like wordpress, blogger, etc.


My question is: how can I create a blog then? I know it would be simpler to do it in wordpress or blogger, but the whole point of this is practicing my skills, not actually creating a blog so, if anyone could give me some help, I would appreciate it.

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You need to learn a server-side programming language. PHP is very common and Wordpress is built upon it. W3Schools has a PHP tutorial. You will also need to learn MySQL to interact with a database.


If all you know is HTML, this is going to be a very big leap in complexity from what you're used to.


Bootstrap's pagination is just to change the appearance of pagination buttons, it doesn't actually do the pagination for you.

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I did the HTML, javascript and JQuery courses on Codecademy, and I was starting php, but i thought mayabe it wasn't that important. Apparentely it is... In that case, I guess I will complete the PHP course in Codecademy and read the PHP tutorial in W3.


I don't mind it is complex. I mean, that's the point of why I'm learning this. That in a few years I will be able to do those complex things and if I don't try to, I never will.


Thanks for the help ;)

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I am kind of working on the same project, I am trying to build a website from a template. There is a blog page included in this template and I would like to get the comment section of this page to function. I am not sure what I need to do to get this part of the page functioning like it should. I have attached the blog page part of the template. This page is unedited so this is exactly what it looks like from when I downloaded it. Here is the link for the live preview of the template (www.spyropress.com/templates/bethlehem/blog_single.html). There are a lot of .css and .js included in this template, I have searched all these and haven't really found anything in these files that really relates to the comment section except for the style.css. This file is heavily loaded with coding for the comment section, however most of the coding is just for the look and feel not for the function of the comment section. I have attached this file as well. I hope someone can help me with this. If you need anything else please let me know.


style.css coding.txt

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