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Radio Button not working/ inserting image help [Solved]

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Okay, I found out the solution to that error.. I utterly embarrassed myself for not looking through thoroughly >< With the help of this post : http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=47997&p=265892 , I realised I had moved my coding to the starting of html form and that what caused the error since the header location must be located before the html tag. Thanking Ingolme indirectly (Thanks a bunch :D) . Anyways, I still can't validate if the file is not image. It won't show the $errors[] either. >< I'm not sure where i go wrong o,o

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If this line isn't working:

if ((!in_array($mimetype, $allowedTypes)) || (!in_array($extension, $allowedExtensions))) {
Then print out what you're checking for:
echo 'MIME type: ' . $mimetype . ', extension: ' . $extension';
If something like that isn't working like you expect the first thing to do is verify everything.
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