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Center the Module


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You need to make the parent container full width using grid12

<div class="grid12 column last ex-even multi-module-column copyright-2"> change to text-align: center;

.grid12.column.last.ex-even.multi-module-column.copyright-2 {    text-align: center;}

and try

.menu._horizontal {    text-align: center;}#copyright .menu li {    border-right: 1px solid;    display: inline-block; /* added by dsonesuk */    /*float: left; removed by dsonesuk */    font-size: 12px;    list-style: outside none none;    padding: 0 8px;}
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you can use the Html tag <center></center> within that section

Really! Its time you read up on the latest html, and css methods, HTML5 does not support <center>...</center> tag, and this tag has been deprecated for many years now in favour of css to align in centre.
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