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Help with a CS:GO Betting Website!

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Let me just say sorry for the very poor title. It isn't bait or anything, please read on. And please leave out any 'you sound unqualified' comments, I come here merely asking for your most gracious helpHello there. I'm currently in the process of creating my own CS:GO betting/gambling website but I am currently really stuck and I need your help!I am very new to Javascript and have tried to learn it through videos, websites, tutorials etc etc but I honestly don't really know what I need to know or how to properly implement it. SummaryThere's a gaming distribution site called Steam. On Steam is a competitive, FPS game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive. On there you can win/buy/unlock/trade skins and knives, which can be incredibly valuable. There are quite a few sites out there already such as: https://csgojackpot.com/ andhttps://skinarena.com/ however, in my opinion, they are rather poor and basic and I have many ideas on how to improve on their work (many CS:GO websites copy heavily off of each other, is this how so many people have managed to make their own websites?)When on one of these websites, you log in using your Steam account name and password. Once logged in, you need to post your trade link. This trade link is used for when you want to deposit any skins to the pot and for if you win. When you click deposit, a bot sends you a trade link. You add the skins/knives and send them to the bot. Your deposit is then added to the pot with many others. Once a certain number of people have deposited, a winner is chosen (the more valuable your skins/knives are, the higher chance of winning) and hash is made. The winner is sent a trade request and is given the skins/knives they have won.So my question is, where can I learn how to do this?! What do I need to learn? I am not asking for somebody to come along and say "Oh, you need this which I have just made for you, and this which my friend made and then bam, it'll work", I am asking somebody to kindly make a list of what I need to learn exactly and not just "Yeah, erm, you should learn Javascript moron" because I have tried to learn Javascript already but I still have no clue how to go about this.. Like, how do I create a CS:GO Steam bot? (This isn't much to do with JS, but more Virtual Studio I think). How would I get that bot to communicate with the website? How can I tell the bot that "here is the trade link, send a trade offer to this link!"? How do I create a hash along with the winner? Do I have to use a crawler to gain the prices of the skins/knives?I have many questions such as how to the website/server fetch the user's profile name (different to their account name) and avatar/picture.Sorry for the very long amount of text. I am not asking for a definitive answer as such, just for somebody who is experienced to just calm me down and tell me what I need to know since I don't know exactly what I need to know.. And again, please so no "you sound too bad to be creating websites like this" which is true, I suppose frown.gif, but I feel that my website would really change things and gain a lot of popularity. Side note: Would buying a £25 book definitely go through this kind of stuff? Or is JS quite large and it's rather unlikely? Please, excuse my extreme ignorance and stupidity :'(

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Javascript is only one small piece of this, depending on how you choose to implement everything. To put it simply, what you need to know is how to design and write applications. There's not really another way to put it. If you don't know how to program and have no experience with it, you're not going to be able to do something like this off the bat. You need to learn how to program first, create a few projects so you can get a little bit of experience learning what works and what doesn't, and then you could start designing something as large as that. If you tried to take on something like that as your first project then you would get about halfway through it and decide you should start over, then by the time you finish that you'll want to start over again. That's just a lack of experience. If you want something like that online soon then the best way to do it is figure out how to make money on it and then hire some professionals who can help you with the design and implementation. Otherwise, you're looking at several months of working on smaller projects to get the experience necessary to design something that large, not counting the time it would take to learn the various languages and technologies. In terms of technologies, you would use Javascript to make the frontend interactive (in addition to the standard HTML5/CSS3), and you'll need something on the server side also. That may be PHP, C#, Javascript again (in the form of Node.js), or things like that. You would need to do some research about the APIs for either Steam or CS:GO to see how you're able to communicate with the Steam servers in order to facilitate moving things between people's accounts, having them log in using their Steam account, etc. I'm sure that there's documentation somewhere on any APIs that Steam makes available.

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