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Div with "width: auto;" not auto-expanding & "display: inline;" not working on its own. Why is this happening?

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Hi everyone,


Can anyone tell me why my div is not auto expanding to fit its contents, even though I set "width: auto;" ?

Also, why does my "display: inline;" not work?


You can see what I mean here: http://www.jasonwangart2.blogspot.ca/


Basically, I am trying to make it so that all the elements inside the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border will appear in one horizontal row.


Question 1: I set the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border to "width: auto;", but the inner divs are wrapping for some reason, and the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border is not expanding horizontally to contain more divs.


Question 2: Also, I set the div-with-thick-orange-dashed-border, the div-with-thick-green-dashed-border, and the div-with-thick-blue-dashed-border to "display: inline;", but they are wrapping and breaking up.


Does anyone know the answers to the 2 above questions?


My goal is to make all the elements inside the div-with-thick-red-dashed-border line up in one horizontal arrangement.


The code is below.


Thank you very much,


<!doctype html>	<style>/* HEADER OUTER BOX */	.jw-1-header-box	{		border: 1px dashed red;				width:100%;				font-family: "Palatino Linotype", "Book Antiqua", Palatino, serif;		color: rgba(0,0,0,1);	}/* GRAPHICS */	.jw-2-graphics-bar	{		border: 1px dashed purple;  						width: 100%;		height: 0px;			overflow: visible;	}	.jw-3-circle-large	{		position: relative;    	left: 10px;    	top: -200px;		width: 270px;		height: 270px;		background-color: rgba(180,200,255,1);		border-radius: 135px;	}	/* NAVIGATION */  				.jw-2-nav-bar	{		border: 1px dashed cyan;  						width: 100%;			overflow: hidden;	}		.jw-3-nav-bar-left-section	{		border: 1px dashed maroon;				display: inline;		float: left;  	}	.jw-3-nav-bar-right-section	{		border: 5px dashed red;		width: auto;		display: inline;		float: right;  	}	/* HOME BUTTON */	.jw-3-button-home a:link,	.jw-3-button-home a:visited	{		border: 1px dashed purple;		position: relative;		z-index: 1;				font-size: 41px;		color: rgba(80,100,155,1);	}            	.jw-3-button-home a:hover,	.jw-3-button-home a:active	{    					     		color: rgba(0,0,0,1);  		text-decoration: none; /* to remove underline on hover */  					  	}	/* PAGES */	.jw-3-button-pages a:link,	.jw-3-button-pages a:visited	{		border: 5px dotted orange;		margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;		display: inline;		font-size: 18px;		color: rgba(80,100,155,1);	}            	.jw-3-button-pages a:hover,	.jw-3-button-pages a:active	{		color: rgba(0,0,0,1);          		text-decoration: none; /* to remove underline on hover */	}			.jw-3-social-text-box	{		border: 5px dotted green;		margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;				display: inline;		 			font-size: 18px;		color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7);						}	.jw-3-social-icon-box	{		border: 5px dotted blue;		margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;					display: inline;				font-size: 16px;	/* need this to align block-1 */					}	.jw-opacity-link a:link,	.jw-opacity-link a:visited	{		border: 0px solid black;					width: 30px;						opacity: 0.45;	}	.jw-opacity-link a:hover,	.jw-opacity-link a:active	{		border: 0px solid black;				text-decoration: none; /* to remove the little line */		opacity: 1.0;	}		img /* need this to align icon image */	{		vertical-align:top; /* top or bottom */	}/* DIVIDER */	.jw-2-divider-1	{			border: 1px dashed violet;				width: 100%;		padding: 50px 0px 0px 0px;		text-align: center; 	}			.jw-3-circle-small	{		display: inline-block;		width: 10px;		height: 10px;		background-color: rgba(171,225,250,1);		border-radius: 5px;		margin: 0px 50px 0px 50px;	}		/* UPDATE */	.jw-2-update-bar	{		border: 1px dashed pink; 				width:100%;		text-align: center;	}				.jw-3-update-text-box	{		border: 1px dashed turquoise;			      		font-size: 16px;		color: rgba(0,0,0,1);		}</style>	<!-- HTML --><!-- MAIN BOX -->	<div class="jw-1-header-box"><!-- GRPHICS -->	<div class="jw-2-graphics-bar">		<div class="jw-3-circle-large"></div>		</div><!-- NAVIGATION -->	<div class="jw-2-nav-bar">		<div class="jw-3-nav-bar-left-section">							<div class="jw-3-button-home">										<a href="http://www.jasonwangart.com">Jason Wang Art</a>			</div>					</div>		<div class="jw-3-nav-bar-right-section">								<div class="jw-3-button-pages">									<a href="http://www.jasonwangart.com/search/label/illustration">illustrations</a>								<a href="http://www.jasonwangart.com/search/label/tutorial">tutorials</a>						<a href="http://www.jasonwangart.com/search/label/reference">references</a>						<a href="http://www.jasonwangart.com/p/about-web.html">about & contact</a>					</div>																			<div class="jw-3-social-text-box">					Follow me on										</div>								<div class="jw-3-social-icon-box">				<div class="jw-opacity-link">							<a href="http://www.facebook.com/jasonwangart">						<img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-GLgaU-VPshc/U4N08qWLn1I/AAAAAAAAAZ8/--FxtOA2W8g/s1600/LOGO+facebook+50+c.png"					width="24px" height="24px" alt="facebook"/>					</a>				</div>					</div>							</div>			</div>			<!-- DIVIDER -->							<div class="jw-2-divider-1">			<div class="jw-3-circle-small"></div>		<div class="jw-3-circle-small"></div>		<div class="jw-3-circle-small"></div>		</div><!-- UPDATE 	-->			<div class="jw-2-update-bar">		<div class="jw-3-update-text-box">			Berry Season 9 coming soon!			</div>	</div>		</div>	</!doctype>
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Width/height will not work for displayed inline element, float will cause targeted element to shrink to content so width: auto; won't make floated element act like block element and stretch to available width within its parent.


.jw-3-button-pages, .jw-opacity-link are block elements, block elements force a break at start and end and stretch to width available to them so your inline outer element stretches to the same width , you should not use block elements within inline, change to inline styling or better still an iline element like span for instance.

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Just noticed document should go like this



<!doctype html><html><head><title>document  title</title><!--css must be here, jasvascript can also placed here --></head><body> <!-- website page html content that is viewable is placed here --> </body></html>


Note: NO closing tag for doctype

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