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Logo not center and overlap text


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Hello,I have few problems that I cannot solve and if possible with your kindness that you can help me figure out the problem.The website is a coming soon page : www.tealovers.caThe problem: When you check on on a smartphone or a pc or mac with the resolution of 1280px x 800px.

The logo is not center with everything else, it s cut.

<div class="row" ><div class="col-xs-12 jasm-logo" data-scroll-reveal="wait 0.25s, then enter top and move 40px over 1s"><a href="#" title=""><img src="img/logo-1x.png" class="jasm-logo-1x" alt=""></a></div></div>

and the css

.jasm-logo a, .jasm-logo img { width: 421px; height: 377px; }.jasm-logo a {display: block;margin: 0 auto;}.jasm-logo img {vertical-align: bottom;}.jasm-logo-1x {display: block;

The button to scroll down overlap with the text.

<div class="jasm-scroll-down" data-scroll-reveal="wait 1.75s, then enter top and move 20px over 1s"> <a href="#" title=""> <i class="fa fa-chevron-down"></i> </a> </div>

the css

.jasm-scroll-down {width: 40px;height: 40px;;position: absolute;bottom: 10px;left: 50%;}.jasm-scroll-down a,.jasm-scroll-down a:focus {width: 40px;height: 40px;display: block;-webkit-border-radius: 2px;-moz-border-radius: 2px;border-radius: 2px;text-align: center;line-height: 36px;color: #fff;background-color: transparent;border: 1px solid #fff;}.jasm-scroll-down a:hover {color: #fff;background-color: #262626;;border: 1px solid #fff;}

3 The subscribe button don't work

Thank a lot for the help.Cheers!K.

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