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I have this form for sharepoint made in Ardevia.

And the problem is:"DropDown1" is Choice2 and "DropDown2" is Choice 1 then is not in the same row.


Here is how it is code for oder things.

 var selectedOption = [[VERTRAGS_x00c4_NDERUNG]];    if (selectedOption){       setTimeout(function(){            jQuery('span[fieldname=VERTRAGS_x00c4_NDERUNG_x0020_2] option[value="'+selectedOption+'"]').remove();   },100);  } var selectedValue = Ardevia.Expressions.Core.FieldValueProvider.GetFormFieldValue('VERTRAGS_x00c4_NDERUNG_x0020_2'); return selectedValue == selectedOption ? null:selectedValue; 

Thank you for reply!

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