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Encrypting a Source Code In PHP

Kevin Castro

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If it is encrypted, how is the browser supposed to parse it an interpret it? The browser would need to have the encryption key and if that is the case, then it is available to the user.


If you think your source code is so unique and special (I guarantee you it is not) then you should not be puttinging it on a web page because no matter what you do it has to be readable for the browser, and that means it will be no challenge to anyone who wants to read. The only way to be certain no one can see your code is to lock it in a metal box weld the box closed and bury it at the drop it in the deepest part of the ocean.


If the code if for an app then you should be writing it in an application language like c and then comiling it. that will at least make it a little mor difficult to de-compile; but on a web page there are no secrets.

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