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[SOLVED] Adding a Logo Next to the Nav-Bar?


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So... I'm stuck on something I think should be pretty easy. I'm building myself a template to use later on and am having trouble figuring out how to have a <div> with an image background next to a nav-bar made with an unordered list.


Here's what I have so far. Also, do a mistake on my end, the <li> classes are inverted.

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en-US">    <head>        <meta charset="utf-8" />        <title>GENERIC WEBPAGE | Welcome!</title>        <link href="site.css" rel="stylesheet">     </head>    <body>        <div class="page-container">            <div class="header-container">                <div class="logo-tag-nav">                                    </div>                <div class="nav-container">                    <ul class="nav-main">                        <li class="list-right"><a href="#">GENERIC WEBPAGE</a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-large">Login / Sign-up</a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-space"></a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-med">CONTACT</a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-med">GALLERY</a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-med">ABOUT</a></li>                        <li class="list-left"><a href="#" class="nav-med">HOME</a></li>                    </ul>                </div>            </div>            <div class="content-container">                <div class="splash-lrg">                    <div class="splash-info">                                            </div>                </div>            </div>            <div class="footer-container">                        </div>        </div>    </body></html>

I basically need to replace the: <li class="list-right"><a href="#">GENERIC WEBPAGE</a></li> with a logo.


I'm probably the biggest noob alive for this.

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