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enable looping audio in HTML5


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Hallo, first and foremost: thanks for your great work in making the new HTML5 code available through the web in such an easy accesible way!!! I managed to create a nice website by using the code suppied by W3schools, even though I never had any experience before with building a website!

One thing I missed though: I could not find any way to make my audio track loop, using HTML5. On this subject, you can only get information on making audio loop using java-script. However, I wasn't looking for that! So I had to look beyond the W3schools website, in order to find out how to make my audio track loop, using HTML5. Turned out to be very easy: just put the word "loop" in the code. A pity though that I could not find this out by using the information supplied on the W3schools website! In my opinion, it would be a good idea to make an example in the "audio" section, covering the subject of making your audio loop, simply by using HTML5 code, instead of referring to using Java-script code!

Thanks, regards, Arnoud van der Veer, the Netherlands.

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