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header title not align to center


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hi all,


i am new to developing,


i am trying to develop a site with the help of googling.


In my header title, its not aligning to center even if i give the property text-align:center

#header {	clear:both;	height:110px;	background-color:#fff;	}#site_title { 	float: left; 		margin: 25px 0 0 405px; 	}#site_title h2 { 	margin: 0; 	padding: 0;    color:#000;			}

waiting for the valuable inputs

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Since we have no html to work with, i'll just guess that the header is in the floated element, this element will shrink to content forcing it left.

<div id="header"><!--starts of header-->	<div id="site_title">	<h2>'IMPROVING HSE AT HOME'</h2>		  <img class="image_wrapper image_fr" src="images/Logo_lockup.jpg" alt="image"  /><br><br><br>	</div></div> <!-- end of header -->
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