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Lottery random generator


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hopefully I have put this in the correct place , and a warm welcome to all the experts here at W3schools!!!



being a newbie to visual basic, i have experimented in making a program which i called thunderball random generator.


and successfully created it and it works fine, but there is a minor problem, as occasionally it throws up 2 numbers the same in my text boxes i have.


my setup is a generate button, with 6 text boxes to show the generated numbers


the code i have which obviously must be correct is


Private Sub Button1_Click (ByVal sender As Object, BYVal e As EventArgs( Handles Button1.Click


Dim RandX As New Random


TextBox1.Text = RandX.Next(1, 40)

TextBox2.Text = RandX.Next(1, 40)

TextBox3.Text = RandX.Next(1, 40)

TextBox4.Text = RandX.Next(1, 40)

Textbox5.Text = RandX.Next(1, 40)

TextBox6.Text = RandX.Next(1, 14)


so i am hoping someone can put me right on any coding to add so that it does away with 2 numbers the same appearing .

thank you to any help or advice

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One clean approach would be to create a class so that you can do this...

Dim RandX As New RandomSetTextBox1.Text = RandX.Get(1)TextBox2.Text = RandX.Get(2)TextBox3.Text = RandX.Get(3)TextBox4.Text = RandX.Get(4)Textbox5.Text = RandX.Get(5)TextBox6.Text = RandX.Get(6)


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hi davej


thank you for your reply and much appreciated


and being new to all this, could you please advise me on how to do this??


although I know its best to learn myself, but at the moment have not got much clue on where to start , so advice would be welcome.


thank you

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You should search online for Visual Basic tutorials.


now thats what a lot of the experts say??


so in reality this forum is not here for helping users much!!


i know its best to learn by oneself, so i guess it would be better to do that!!


well thanks for at least replying even if it was a ( i don't want to help you , find out yourself ) answer



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I'm not going to generate a tutorial for you from scratch when they already exist.


i do not expect you to ??


You should come here to the forum with questions when you don't understand something in the tutorials


and thats what i thought my initial post was to ask for help if i do not understand anything about this??



i joined the forum to get help and guidance on coding etc, and i know you guys are experts on this sort of thing, but did expect little more advice in your answers.





but its o.k davej,, i will swat up visual basic and hopefully conquer it by learning oneself.


and won't bother any of you experts on any more questions which don't get much of an answer anyway.



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Go to the tutorials. Look up how to create and use arrays. Look up how to create and use classes. Look up Random. Look up for and do-while loops. Put those pieces together. If it still doesn't work then come back here.

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