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image aligned on one page and the other not


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I'm working to create a website where you have three images side by side. I would like to justify through three align an image on a div. I have created a class, but on the one page he does this and on other page aligns he doesn't matter.


My question is: can anyone advise me how I can fix this that the three be aligned the same images on all pages?


Thanks in advance.

page 1 here is aligned:<div id="box4"><h2>Gebouwen</h2><p class="right"><img src="images/gebouwen/image1.jpg" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/gebouwen/image.jpg" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/gebouwen/image3.jpg" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/gebouwen/image3.jpg" width="250" alt="text"></p></div>page 2 here is not aligned:<div id="box4"><h2>Musea</h2><p class="right"><img src="images/musea/image4.JPG" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/musea/image5.jpg" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/musea/imagr6.jpg" width="250" alt="text"></p></div>
My css is:.right{margin: 30px;text-align: justify;}div#box4{width: 1000px;background-color: #660000;float: left;}
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The four image will fit equally without text-align:justify; 1000 container, images 4 x 250. text-align: justify; only spaces text equally on text that almost fills the entire row, text below this widh are treated as normal. Text-align: center; will place all the 3 x image in center wih large gap left/right adding a class to add margin to eqully space apart image should be best option.

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