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How robust are the client-side and server side languages?

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I have been toying with web development for 10+years using tools like MUSE to make it easier. That has become so unsatisfying. So I am wanting to learn both client-side and server-side languages by creating a large robust database driven application that runs completely in the cloud. This app will be somewhat like a service desk app in that it will take in much data and based upon each user input, will cause a multitude of actions such as: contacting by email a person to handle the case, open a case file and place it within one of several appropriate scenarios in order to properly bring the case to resolve. Each of these scenarios will have its own ("to-do) list, case management and personnel notification.


From this limited information, are you able to render a conclusion as to whether or not I can do this all in the web, or will I have to learn another programming language (ie. C+, C#) that will have to be compiled and executed on the clients local device?


Thanks for your help!


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As long as you don't need to manipulate files and settings on the client's computer, anything can be done on the web.


As far as robustness goes, that all depends on how well the application is coded, regardless of the programming language that was used.

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