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Write the value of a variable


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I have values stored in a variable in Javascript in this way:
var VariableCity = "Birmingham"
var VariableCapital = "Montgomery"
Now I would like to write the value stored in the variable in a determinated place in the HTML document as below.
How can I accomplish that?
I tried: document.write(VariableCity) but:
1. I got this error: "Failed to execute 'write' on 'Document': It isn't possible to write into a document from an asynchronously-loaded external script unless it is explicitly opened."
2. That way I'm not indicating where to write it
  <body>  <div style="width:100%;border:0px solid #ededed;">   <div style="float:left;width:5%;">     <select id="SystemSelector" onChange="sendAndDraw(this.value)">      <option value="Al">Alabama</option>      <option value="Tx">Texas</option>     </select>   </div>   <div style="float:left;width:95%;">      <button onclick="loadEditor(SystemSelector.value)">Change type of Graph</button>            City: VariableCity      <div id="Piechart_div" style="width: 100%;"></div>   </div>  </div>  <div style="width:100%;border:0px solid #ededed;">      <div id="chartGauge_div" align='center' style="width:100%"></div>      Capital: VariableCapital  </div>  </body>


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