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moving object between two preset location on scrolling

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Hi w3 Community


i want to learn how to replicate this effect on the main screen of this website https://overv.io/

  • The traget(booklets) starts off somewhere fixed and translate/rotates towards 0
  • once it's reached it's original location, scrolling further down won't change any location
  • scrolling back up with move the items back towards the location it stated.

Here's something which i think it should look like..

window.onscroll = function() {var speed = 1; //this should be adapted to the height of divvar startdeg = 130; //var startx = 300;var starty =-300;var scroll = $(window).scrollTop(); //using scrolling as variablevar deg = (startdeg - scroll) / speed;var translatex = startx - scroll/ speed;var translatey = starty - scroll/ speed;//Here should be some conditioner or maybe a do-while loop to stop transforming once it reached it's original location?$(".logo").css({"transform": "translate("translatex+"px,"translatey+"px) rotate("+deg+"deg)",}); };



PS: I'm fairly basic with javascript,jquery though i can fully understand the code presented. Thanks a lot!!

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