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-webkit-user-modify property of CSS

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I have used -webkit-user-modify property in my CSS file. I also have a jsp that references this CSS file. The jsp has a form element. When the above property is used in the CSS file, the element < input type = " submit"> of the jsp works well on Chrome, Safari, IE , but does not work on Microsoft Edge.When I remove the above property from the CSS file, the element <input type = "submit "> of the jsp works fine on Edge.. Why is it so. And how to fix this problem

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Anything that is prefixed with "-webkit" is an experimental implementation. generally for Chrome, Safari, and some versions of Opera. Normally you would expect Firefox and IE to ignore it and work fine, but edge is a new enough browser that we still don't know all the bugs, quirks, and broken pieces. It generally take Microsoft 18+ months to get all the bugs out.


In any case using hyphen hacks is always a risk, because they are not necessarily to standard and are subject to change without notice.

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