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Cannot identify relevant selector


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I cannot determine the css selector to use for changing the menu font with Easy Google Fonts API.


The website I'm tweaking the design on is http://thetechranch.com (I apologize in advance for all the ads -- not my doing.)


I successfully changed several other fonts and characteristics, but just can't figure out what the "selector" should be for the menu font.


I have researched, read through the wonderful W3Schools tutorials, trial-&-errored with the Chrome inspector, and have finally given up, save for an answer from someone on this forum. I could also contact the developer of Easy Google Fonts if needbe. But I'd rather get involved with this forum.


If you need login info, let me know. But I figure just telling me what the actual "selector" is--or better yet, the exact code I need to type into the Google Fonts API selector field--that will do the trick, and it will show me what to look for in future circumstances.


Thank you.

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