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"editors" "editor software"Code (HTML,JS,CSS) display as browser quickest method?

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It would help to know the quickest way to see the results of your code.


when I am digging into learning code; or trying to write some html,css,js, I cannot get a turnaround time that works feasibly without going to this [w3schools.com] website.


I was reading about text editors and html editors from a link on this sites page, I agree with what it said mostly.

it recommends use basic stock default: "Text Edit, or NotePad programs".


The problem with that is, if I try something that I study on this site, I have a few programs that are original come with mac, pc, when I am done editing, I than have to close or save that and than open it in a browser.


The browser sometimes has different settings I always like to change to fit my needs, like cache and such. sometimes it doesn't quickly load the changes in the "HTML" and or "CSS" files. so what I do is sometimes use the Browser simulator that comes with xcode, and sometimes use my safari to inspect the changes.


The easiest thing to do though is go to the web browser and look up some basic tutorial window, at the w3schools site. look up something simple or click on it and than use the editor tutorials "examples". Than erase and or insert something that I would like to try, than I get instant results. This is a pain and i feel a bit more dependent on that.


Is there any quick ways that come stock and or are on a mac or pc that are best common ways to see the code results quickly?


I don't want 3rd party money making or other interest software involved any more than I can feasibly keep out. why would I. I am trying to learn code after all not buy things


I use the x code stuff. but I figure it has some proprietary stuff that binds up a bit when I make changes back and forth with Text edit and than x Code, and verse vice.


This is like the biggest hold back around.


If anyone has any answers I would love to hear (read/ or hear) that. thank you .



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Use private mode, download addon to clear cache history when you like without affecting current settings, you can also create individual browser profile, which is only used for this specific purpose that does not cache or store browser history, use any querystring page.html?abc=abc different each time can give current design changes.

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I use Sublime Text for editing code quickly, or PHPStorm for large projects. Your browser's developer tools should have an option to disable the cache on the current page, that's probably the easiest. If you haven't used the developer tools then research that, they are built-in.Otherwise, hitting something like Ctrl-S to save the file, then something like Alt-Tab to switch to the browser and pressing F5 to refresh the page is pretty fast. Those are Windows shortcuts, but whatever works for you.

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