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installing MYSQL /phpmyadmin help needed


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I have a question about security and MYSQL. I installed MYSQL and PHPMYADMIN.


I changed the root password.


But when in PHPMYADMIN I see a list of users and priviliges.



Usernames sound like: All, root or pma. I understand I need pma or root, but what is the use of All ?

     User name 	Host 	     Password 	Global privileges 	User group 	Grant 	Action     Any 	% 	         -- 	USAGE     Any 	localhost 	No 	USAGE 		     pma 	localhost 	Yes 	USAGE 		     root 	Yes 	ALL PRIVILEGES 		     root 	::1 	        Yes 	ALL PRIVILEGES 		     root 	localhost 	Yes 	ALL PRIVILEGES 		

Furthermore which priviliges and global rights should a user have when developing localhost?

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so "any" automatically lapses if you create a user with password?

No, it represents the permissions for a user who connected without a username.

Or do I have to change more settings to keep unwanted people out?

If you refuse remote connections that's the best way to protect the server. The server should only allow remote connections unless you really need to be able to connect remotely, and if so then ideally you would set up users that only connect from a specific IP address.There's a discussion about the default account setup here:http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/5620/is-this-a-normal-set-of-mysql-privileges
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