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Undeclared prefix for SQL Server 2012


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Please help! I am new to implementing xml within SQL. I'm trying to create a stored procedure that creates an xml node when a user enters data within my website. Below is a sample of my stored procedure. I have tried to declare the namespace within the insert however I continue to receive the "undeclared prefix" error message.



DECLARE @Term XML = '<wma:Term>My First Term</wma:Term>'DECLARE @x XML SELECT 	   @x = MetaDataFROM [Products] WHERE ID = 1SET @x.modify ('declare namespace wma="http://www.google.com/wma"; insert sql:variable("@Term") as last into (/wma:WMA/wma:List)[1]

Expected results:

<wma:WMA xmlns:wma="http://www.google.com/wma">  <wma:List>    <wma:Term>My First Term</wma:Term>  </wma:List></wma:WMA>
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